Hobby Siesta Hubbett T65 HGF

Hobby Hubbett T65 HGF day layout

Day time layout

Hobby Hubbett T65 HGF night layout

Night time layout

The Hobby Siesta Hubbett T65 HGF benefits from a drop down bed which lives above the from lounge area. This enables this motorhome to comfortably sleep 4 people.

The maximum laden weight is 3,500kg which gives it a really impressive load weight of up to 517kg!

The fixed transverse bed helps to give more space in the day time at the same time as benefiting from the luxury of a made-up-bed. The space under the bed is used as a generous garage which is accessible from the outside lockers.

The all in one wet room in the corner (consisting of shower, cassette toilet and sink) is situated in the centre of the motorhome opposite the entrance door and kitchen.

The front lounge is extremely open and is capable of seating up to 6 people when the table is extended and the front seats are swivelled to face the rear.

The two front facing bench seats are fitted with seat belts meaning that this motorhome is able to travel on the road with up to 4 people.

Berth4Sleeps 2 people in the fixed transverse bed across the back plus an additional 2 in the drop down bed that is situated above the lounge area
Belted seats4Allows 4 people to travel in belted seats
External length6.99m
Overall width2.34m
Overall height2.79mThe height of the motorhome externally from the ground to the roof
Maximum loaded weight3,500kgWithin limits for over 70 year old drivers and people who obtained their license post Jan 1st 1997
Payload517kgThe amount of storage weight you have available before motorhome becomes overweight
Maximum towing weight2,000kg
Base vehicleFiat Ducato
Drive sideRight hand drive
Fresh water capacity100 litresCapacity of the onboard fresh water tank
Waste water capacity92 litresCapacity of the onboard waste water tank