Hobby Premium Drive 65 HFL Motorhome

Hobby Premium Drive 65 HFL Day Time Layout

Day time layout

Hobby Premium Drive 65 HFL NIght Time Layout

Night time layout

The layout of the Hobby Premium Drive 65 HFL is similar to that of the Premium Drive 65 FL. The main difference between the 2 being that the 65 HFL has a hide-away drop down bed above the front dining area.

The fixed French bed in the corner is shaped so to give easy access to the washroom in the opposite corner. You can lift the bed base to get access to the large storage space within, this void is perfect for stashing the bigger items you take away on your motorhome holidays. You can also get to it from an external access locker.

The washroom is an all in one wet room with a cassette toilet, fold away sink basin and a hot and cold water shower. The shower waste water drains in to the onboard 96 litre waste tank while the cassette toilet waste is held in it’s own separate compartment.

The kitchen is very well thought out and makes the most of the space between the wardrobe and the forward facing seats by wrapping around the side wall and the back of the seats to form an L shape. This gives the chef more space on the work surface for food preparation. Opposite the kitchen there is a tall, slim fridge and freezer combination.

The dining area is made up of two bench seats, one forward facing with belts and another side facing and the driver and passenger seat spin round to make 6 seats at the extending table. Perfect for if you regularly entertain family and friends, or if you just like to have a few different positions that you can relax in.

Berth4Sleeps 2 people in the fixed bed at the back and a further 2 persons in the double bed that drops down from above dining area
Belted seats4Allows 4 people to travel legally in belted seats
External length6.99m
Overall width2.34m
Overall height2.73mThe height of the motorhome externally from the ground to the roof
Maximum loaded weight3,500kgWithin limits for over 70 year old drivers and people who obtained their license post Jan 1st 1997
Payload351kgThe amount of storage weight you have available before motorhome becomes overweight
Maximum towing weight1,600kg
Base vehicleFiat Ducato
Drive sideRight hand drive
Fresh water capacity100 litresCapacity of the onboard fresh water tank
Waste water capacity96 litresCapacity of the onboard waste water tank

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